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Windows 10 - Mapped Drives Not Connected On Restart/Reboot
Last Updated about a month ago

After upgrading to Windows 10, each time I rebooted a workstation, mapped drives were often not connected. Turns out Windows 10 is fast, real fast in fact. Often it boots up faster than the mapped drives can be initiated. So let's implement a verified solution which slows down the startup process enough for the drives to be mapped correctly. Startup time increase will be negligible.

Solution: Start Button/Settings/System/Power & sleep/

- On the far right page column, under 'Related settings', click 'Additional power settings'.

- On the left column click 'Choose what the power buttons do'.

- Click the 'Change settings that are currently unavailable'.

- Under 'Shutdown settings', uncheck 'Turn on fast startup (recommended)'.

- Click 'Save changes' and reboot to verify your mapped drives now connect on startup and restart.

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