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How do I get full context menus in Windows 11?
Last Updated 2 months ago

I like Windows 11, but it has it's issues. For example, when I right click a directory or file I expect to see a specific context menu. For some reason Microsoft Software Engineers have decided to add an item at the bottom of the list to "Show more options" to get to the expected shortcut menu. Good tools don't change unless absolutely necessary - it takes time to relearn patterns and muscle memory used to accomplish tasks efficiently. My customers pay me alot of money because I'm knowledgable and efficient. For me it's just one more click to access tools I use frequently which no-longer show in the context menu. If you want the old menu back, here is what you do, currently:

1. Open regedit.


3. Create a new registry key called: {86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}

4. Create a new key within that key called: InprocServer32

5. Set the value of InprocServer32/Default to blank

6. Close the registry editor and reboot your system.

Hopefully they'll add an option to turn this on for all context menus with a simple check box, but until then you can use this process, at your own risk, to reenable useful context menu's.

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